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The Story

Changing Bodies is the brainchild of top Hollywood personal trainer Dale Dymkoski. With over two decades experience and a master’s degree, Dale knows fitness is not just about losing weight. Balance, coordination, postural alignment, and injury rehabilitation are all essential for peak performance. Dale is available for live virtual or in-person training at his private backyard facility in Los Angeles. He also offers personalized workout and nutrition programs designed for all ages, fitness levels, sports, or specialties. 

How it Works

Dale offers several strategies for getting your workout started and keeping consistent.

Live Training With Dale

In Person at Dale's private backyard gym in West Hollywood OR remotely via Zoom or FaceTime. First step is a free virtual consult via Zoom.

Live Training

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Digital Coaching

Dale custom designs and delivers the most efficient program directly to an interactive app on your phone based on your goals, equipment, and schedule. Start with a video consultation with Dale.

Digital Coaching

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Back to Back Program

Dale's signature program is designed specifically to address the underlying causes of most back pain and injuries. This is a 3-month full-body strength and conditioning program that begins very gently and progresses slowly.

Back to Back

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Read what Happy,Active,Healthy,Awesome Clients are Saying

  •   I've trained with Dale for over two years and he is by far the best trainer I've worked with. During that time, he's helped me get stronger and build confidence... read more

    thumb Amanda P.

      2 years ago, I started a pattern of throwing my back out once every couple of months. I'd be in bed for days with back spasms. This was affecting every... read more

    thumb Vickie F.
  •   As a former D1 athlete, I was a bit of a know-it-all and had a hard time trusting a trainer could actually make any real difference in my post-three-kid, injury-riddled... read more

    thumb Alexandra D.

      Dale knows what he's doing. I have a chronic back condition and for years I have been working with physical therapists, trainers, and holistic coaches without results-until I worked... read more

    thumb Jana A.
  •   After years of thinking yoga was enough to keep me strong and toned, I finally realized after a bad injury this summer that weight lifting is essential to prevent future... read more

    thumb Robyn A.

      After several months of going to traditional PT that included pilates, weight training, acupuncture and massage at a center recommended by my joint and spine doctor, I had yet to... read more

    thumb Dana W.
  •   I trained with Dale 22 years ago when we both lived in NYC. At that time my goals were very different then they are today. I wanted to... read more

    thumb Michelle W.

      Dale has been training me for several years and I am so grateful for his knowledge. As someone now in their 50s I greatly appreciate Dale's approach, always making sure... read more

    thumb Todd H.

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