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Okay, so today’s the day.  December 2, 2010.  I have committed to having a conversation about fitness.  I am particularly interested in STREAMLINING FITNESS.  Most people I know want to be leaner, stronger, and more toned without spending hours a day in the gym.  Most people have lives outside of the gym, after all.

I’ve been working out for almost 30 years, training people for a living for almost 15 years.  It’s not a stretch to say I’ve seen it all.  I am going to be honest and put it right out there, my selfish reason for creating this blog:  I want to publish my fitness book.  A New York literary agent read my manuscript and you know what she said?  She said, You write very well and have good angle for a book in a crowded field BUT I DON’T SEE THE PLATFORM.  (!!!)  Basically, Who the hell are you?  Well I’m going to build my platform.  Blog, website, the whole thing.

My big interest right now, as the web designer builds my new website, is the nexus of the latest computer and internet technology with exercise and fitness.  In particular, I’m looking to take my personal training skills to the web.  I always said it couldn’t be done because, unless I’m physically there and on top of you, I can’t properly train you.  Well, I’m changing my tune.  In this day and age of fast broadband technology, easily uploadable video content, and Skype, I don’t see why we can’t have VERY CLOSE to the same interaction that we have in person.  Very soon (if not already) we’ll be able to skype chat from smartphone to smartphone.  I envision a day when clients can take me with them to their gym in Tokyo, or Hong Kong, or London.  The key, I believe, is the live interaction.  What does not work over the long haul is recorded DVDs and videos.  It’s the interaction that counts.  So, I’m looking to broaden my potential client base:  the world wide web.

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