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Lifting weights is cardio. If it’s not, then it should be. The fact is, strength training with free weights is the ultimate method for changing body composition, improving athletic performance, and increasing bone density. Why waste your time with anything else? Move quickly between sets, keep the heart rate elevated, burn more calories. There is a time and place for endurance/cardio-only training, but most people simply need help lifting weights with increasing loads safely and efficiently.

Movement Assessment

It’s rare someone does not have some sort of structural irregularity or inefficiency. A woman who wears high heels to work every day may have shortened calf muscles limiting ankle mobility. The guy who has sat at a desk for years on end may have rounded shoulders and shortened pecs and lats, which limits shoulder and thoracic spine mobility. These issues must be addressed before adding load to movements involving those joints. The first workout includes a functional movement assessment, used to identify functional limitations and asymmetries. Some corrective exercises may be prescribed in the client’s program.

Body Composition and Lifestyle Assessment

New clients are asked to fill out a lifestyle questionnaire and medical history, as well as record weight and body composition, analyzed by both skinfold and bio-impedance methods of testing. Upon gathering information and analyzing the goals set forth, Dale creates a personalized plan to achieve those goals.