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Planet Green

15-Minute Green Exercise Routine for Beautiful Bikini-Ready Legs

Planet Green It's time to get those legs ready to strut along the ocean shore. But forget about hitting the gym. It?s too beautiful out to lock yourself up in a stale, sweat-soaked, electricity-sapping room. Instead, save earth's energy and use your own by suiting up in your best asset-flaunting green bikini and hit the beach for this quick outdoor green exercise routine that focuses on sculpting your legs.

Health & Fitness

Get abs like Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger

Who wouldn’t want a body like Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger? We chatted to her personal trainer Dale Dymkoski, who says he heard ‘bottom, legs and abs’ a lot, when training the Dolls. Dymkoski follows the full-body workout philosophy, which means ‘increasing lean tissue over the entire body, to accelerate fat loss and tone’. Try his fail-safe abs moves to get a lean torso just like Nicole.

Fit & Fab Living

Why EVERYONE Should Lift Weights

I’ll get to the science in a minute, but first watch this 32 year-old woman do 7 unassisted pull-ups. She is 5’3” and 114 pounds. She is not a personal trainer. Nor is she a fitness competitor. She works out 5 days a week for 45-60 minutes then works full-time in the fashion industry. (Full disclosure: she is my partner and I have her permission). Women ask her for tips and advice every day. When asked what she does, she says she lifts weights, “heavier than you think you are supposed to.”

Fit & Fab Living

The Ultimate Guide to Sculpting Your Legs And Butt

Having a well-formed behind and sexy legs is something to be desired. Make that dream a reality with these three leg and butt toning moves. It is important to change up your workouts, varying the reps, load, tempo and exercise selection to . If you keep repeating the same workouts your body will adapt to those specific demands and will no longer produce the desired changes. Once you have a set routine, spice things up and add this to the mix.

Fit & Fab Living

Get Lean With These Healthy Eating Tips From Personal Trainer Dale Dymkoski

Part of being a personal trainer is also knowing how to incorporate a healthy, balanced diet into your routine. Celebrity fitness expert, Dale Dymkoski, knows how to do just that. Here are some of his go-to eating tips to keep him lean, healthy and strong.