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Star Le, Fashion Designer

I used to spend 1 1/2 hours a day in the gym and follow a strict diet, but I was always frustrated because I could never get the visible abs and lean muscle definition I saw on the fitness models in the magazines. Dale told me he could get me those results AND that I’d spend less time in the gym AND I could eat more! Well, I was all ears! Dale’s workouts are effective and efficient. I now spend half the time in the gym as I used to, and the results have been amazing. I can finally see my abs! One other thing: I have always wanted to be able do a pull up. Before I met Dale I could not do a single one. Now I can do 8 in row! Dale is the best! 

Niall Donnelly, Business Entrepreneur

Dale’s method works. He told me I would GAIN weight but lose body fat. In 3 months, the change was significant. After 9 months, my body completely changed. He even fixed my posture, and the aches and pains I sometimes felt in my joints went away. I highly recommend Dale and his methodology. 

Jessica Sutta, Singer/Dancer

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, afraid I’d get bulky from the weights. Dale promised I’d get leaner and slimmer and that’s exactly what happened. Dale rocks!

Candace Silvers, Teacher 

I have worked out with many trainers before, but never one that had the ability to transform me into the body I asked for!! Dale has the uncanny ability to move you quickly through the hour, so that it feels as if you are never really stuck, and therefor always growing! When I wanted to give up he was able to shift my thinking! When I was scared he spoke to me in a way that had me see through my fear. I am looking forward to the next level of “healthy body” I didn’t even know I came for in the first place. I am indebted, grateful, and never quitting!!!