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personal trainer Dale Dymkoski. With over twenty years experience, Dale knows fitness isn’t just about losing weight. Balance, coordination, performance, injury rehabilitation, and postural alignment are all essential to peak performance. Available for virtual or in-person training at Dale’s private training space in Los Angeles, Dale offers personalized workout and nutrition programs designed for all ages, fitness levels, sports, or specialties. Incredibly effective live virtual training via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.
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Dale Dymkoski

Based in Los Angeles, Dale Dymkoski is among the most sought-after personal trainers in Hollywood. His fitness journey began at ten years old when he picked up free weights he inherited from his uncle, and immediately became hooked on “the pump”. His clients include high-profile actors, directors, and musicians, as well as everyday people. Dale is acutely aware how to progress clients safely and what not to do with certain injuries, limitations, and medical conditions. Dale’s method integrates physical therapy with traditional strength training to correct underlying movement dysfunction, build a solid foundation, and reach peak health and fitness. He has a firm grasp of the psychology behind behavior change and great skill communicating complex scientific principles. Dale finds great joy helping clients achieve goals they never thought possible.

M.S. Fitness & Wellness Leadership –

SUNY Plattsburgh 2020


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