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What sets Dale apart as a fitness expert is his attention to detail and ability to customize programs to suit various clients’ needs, working safely around injuries and special considerations. These individualized workout programs are designed to keep you engaged and on track . Dale explains every exercise in short, concise videos you can refer to at any time. Through the app, Dale tracks your program and designs future workouts accordingly.

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Schedule a FREE 30-minute video consult with Dale, to determine what type of goals you're looking to meet, what equipment you have access to and what kind of program is right for you.

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on the training app. You’ll be able to connect FitBit, Apple Watch, and MyFitnessPal to track activity and nutrition intake, allowing Dale to analyze and identify areas of opportunity for improvement.
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Dale expertly programs new workouts based on data and feedback from completed workouts. Optional live, periodic video check-ins with Dale to help make sure form and technique are on point. The system is seamless and efficient.
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