live training

Dale is available for live training in-person at his backyard gym in West Hollywood, or remotely over Zoom or FaceTime. First step is a free virtual consult via video chat.

Dale Dymkoski kneeling in the home gym

What Live and Custom Training Can Do

There’s an old saying in strength training – “you’re only as good as your program.” No, there’s not. I made that up. But there should be that old saying. In my decades of training, I’ve found the number one reason people fail to achieve fitness goals is because they lose focus or get bored. Personal training is essentially coaching people to become better decision-makers. Understanding the goal of each exercise and why improving output on each exercise leads to improved function and performance. It’s a long-winded way of saying “train smarter, not harder.” More can be accomplished by training more efficiently. Learn to engage the brain and consciously work to make the mind-muscle connection. Great programming provides appropriate stimulus to challenge the muscles and nervous system creating a hypertrophic (muscle-building) effect, while careful not to provide too much stimulus causing excessive soreness creating a catabolic (muscle-breaking) effect. The goal is to stay in the “sweet spot”. Finding that sweet spot is my superpower. By definition, great programming has to be personalized!

Why Choose Live Training

Maintain your Efficiency

Real time cueing and adjustment. Dale’s motto is “efficiency is everything”. Optimal movement pattern efficiency translates to achieving goals more quickly.

Interrupt negative thoughts and self-talk

Dale is expert at observing, identifying, and effectively communicating unconscious obstacles to success. Once you become aware of the behaviors that inhibit positive change, you are more likely to identify and replace those behaviors with effective ones.

Maintain your perspective

The “big picture” is always in focus. It can be difficult to see beyond our perceived limitations. With a quarter-century of training experience, Dale has seen it all and knows how to help get you out of your own way.

If You've Ever Said

  • I would work out more if I just knew what to do
  • My workouts are boring and I feel stuck or plateaued
  • I want someone to show me the right form but I can’t afford 1-1 training…

You would Love working digitally with a fitness expert!