The Story


You’re struggling with chronic back pain, probably due to an injury, recurring strain, or some combination of the two.
You’ve managed your pain with chiropractic care, painkillers, or CBD oils—but even though these sometimes take the edge off your symptoms, you’re frustrated that they don’t do anything to address the underlying cause of your pain.
You’ve tried treating your back pain with yoga, pilates, or core-strengthening exercises—and they either didn’t work or, possibly, made your pain worse.


I'm Dale Dymkoski.

I was 10 years old when I started lifting my older brother’s weights and became hooked on the pump and feeling of empowerment it gave me. I went on to become a Division I college athlete and top personal trainer in Hollywood. Personal fitness is not only my passion, it is my life’s guiding principle.

But when I severely injured my back in 2012, I thought my fitness career might be over forever…

I was at the top of my game – training amazing clients, obsessed with Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit. But I fell into the trap a lot of younger athletes fall into. I was more focused on my “scores” and my maximum lifts than I was with proper form and preparation. One day it happened – I was training and I felt a shooting, stabbing pain in my lower back.

It was debilitating. In one moment, I went from strong and fit and on top of the world to needing help tying my shoes and getting in and out of my car.

I wondered… Would I be able to continue my career as a trainer? Why would anyone listen to this broken body? Would I ever get back to Olympic lifting? Playing baseball on weekends? Would I ever feel like myself again?

I found the prevailing wisdom vague, confusing, and contradictory: Stretch more, do yoga, don’t train legs, do sit-ups. Very quickly I learned that some of the advice people follow can actually make matters worse. How could this be? How could so many smart people be trafficking in terrible advice? I started digging for answers. I partnered with some of the best trainers and physical therapists in the world, I earned a master’s degree and leaned into the science underlying the causes of chronic back pain, anatomy, and physiology.

Through intentional exercise and movement pattern correction, I was eventually able to heal my injury and make a full recovery.Not only did I make a full recovery, I added 30 pounds to my Olympic lifts: the clean and jerk and the snatch. By deconstructing my injury and fixing the underlying issue that caused it, I came back a better athlete.

I learned there is no substitute for proper form and a solid foundation. I found the secret for smart exercise programming that can both alleviate pain AND achieve fitness goals – at the same time.

It is my mission to help women and men with lower back pain not only fully recover, but reach peak performance once again.



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